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Sanding paper for multi sanders

P-W (STANDARD) sanding papers coated with aluminium oxide bound with synthetic resin are the perfect choice for working of all wood, woodbased materials, and metal, from coarse sanding to fine sanding.
40-60 grain are used for coarse sanding of rough surfaces, 80-120 grain are suitable for surface smoothening and sanding of small roughnesses, 180 grain is good for final fine sanding.

P-P (STANDARD) sanding papers are the right choice for paint, varnish and sealing. Aluminium oxide, coated with calcium stearate bound with synthetic resin, reduces clogging and enables non-stop performance.
40 grain is used for sanding paint, 80-120 grain are suitable for removal of brushmarks, paint drops and downflows, 180 grain is good for fine sanding.


  • Wood
  • Woodbased materials
  • Metal
  • P-P:
  • Paint
  • Varnish
  • Sealing




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