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Catalogue 2015-2016

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DWT- Hanmar meeting 2015 POLAND - Tuesday, May 26, 2015
23 May 2015 - Last week end DWT Poland trought our distributor Hanmar has organized its 5th annual meeting, to introduce MERITLINK business model, showcase of new prodcuts and present the future plan for DWT brand.
All models with lithium battery are compact, light and performing. Thanks to their small weight and ergonomic design, they enable fatigue-free handling.
DWT angle grinders are easy-to-handle and safe power tools for cutting, grinding, brushing, sanding and polishing.
The DWT team is proud to offer you a complete service center. Inside this section you can find all the technical information about all our products.
Our line of welding machines, professional products made for professionist. Our line can satisfy all the necessities; welding and cutting will be easier.
Rotary hammers are designed for drilling in different materials and chiselling works.
DWT line of power tool accessories fully conforms to the requirements of the European market and covers all industrial and domestic applications.
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Garden tools training manual: learn more about DWT's garden line. Discover features and find detailed information about our outdoor products.
Mitre saws are designed for quick, accurate and precise mitre sawing of wooden workpieces, which is often required in framing, joinery, carpentry and roofing.
Impact drills are used for drilling in wood, plastic and metal and for impact drilling in concrete, masonry and bricks.
Plunge routers are suitable for a variety of application on wood, plastics, MDF and other materials.
DWT spray guns allows you to achieve excellent painting result saving time and paint. They are suitable to apply paint lacquers, varnishes oil and many others.
Power planersare used for surface treatment of wood, derived timber products and plastic.
Rotary sanders are used with special polishing accessories for precise dry sanding and polishing.
Hot air guns are designed for different applications requiring the heat-treating of surfaces.
Anti-vibrations handle allows to reduce the fatigue during long period working.